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It is complicated, but we can give you

an initial  clue to  the keys  to success.

Success in SEO

A proven and consolidated method

2009 – PRESENT

Forget SEO proposals that guarantee you a number 1 position with 6-8 keywords. You will be finished before you have even begun. Do you really want to present your company with only 8 keywords? If Google’s algorithms changed and took 3 keywords from the first page, you could lose over 40% of your business. Therefore, you should not position your company with only 8 keywords, but with over 200 keywords, long and reduced, to guarantee stability. This will also make you immune to Google’s algorithms, achieve the conversions you dream of, and be able to enjoy your holidays with total piece of mind, knowing that you will not have any scares. We offer this and much more. To find out, just ask us.

Success in Adwords (SEM)

A proven and consolidated method

2012 – PRESENT

Success in Adwords is possible and, if you have the funds, it is necessary in order to have stronger presence on a search engine. However, if your resources are limited, start with SEO (natural positioning on Google) because Adwords is 3 times more expensive and it doesn´t produce the same results. Even so, if you do have the funds for both areas, Adwords is worth it.

Success in the press

A proven and consolidated method.

2002 – PRESENT

If you want to position your brand in the mind of your target audience, forget about a one-off campaign. To appear in the media requires rigorous discipline on a monthly basis for more than two years. Avoid the unnecessary expenses of a campaign. Brand positioning and sales and even product sales will only be significant in time, with consistent determination.


A proven and consolidated method

2014 – PRESENT

Remarketing is one of the most interesting trends that exist today and it is worth using. Contact us and we will explain how it works, what it can do for your business and how. 


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